Studio 100 boss Hans Bourlon expects 70 million euros in turnover …


Studio 100 boss Hans Bourlon expects his company to suffer a loss of 70 million euros in turnover this year due to the corona crisis. Bourlon said this in an interview with Jan De Meulemeester op Flemish “Our group had a forecast of 200 million euros in sales this year, which is guaranteed to drop to around 130 million euros. That is a loss of 70 million euros, ”said Bourlon. Bourlon also expects “drastic restructuring” if the company cannot reopen its pop-up theater in Puurs in August.

Bourlon is clearly sounding the alarm. If the government does not clarify the relaxation of the corona measures for the events sector in the coming days, a “massacre” threatens with substantial job losses.

The Studio 100 boss sees no reason to keep theme parks closed longer, certainly not because similar parks in a number of neighboring countries have been open for weeks and because the zoos were allowed to open again. “Very bizarre,” said Bourlon. “I suspect that there has certainly been a very sensible lobby machine on the Walloon side,” it sounds. A reference to Pairi Daiza and owner Eric Domb. “The boss of Pairi Daiza is a well-known Walloon entrepreneur who probably has the right connections to push something through.”

Clarity quickly

Bourlon especially urges rapid clarity. Studio 100 has sold 450,000 tickets for musical performances in the Pop-Up Theater in Puurs. These performances have not (yet) been able to continue. Reopening for 200 spectators, as should be allowed from 1 July, is not profitable. According to Bourlon, Studio 100 also took numerous measures to ensure social distance and also placed plexiglass between each visitor’s chair, but the company did not yet receive a clear answer or green light.

Studio 100 may have a financial buffer, Bourlon says that this year’s turnover will be 70 million euros lower than the expected 200 million euros anyway. “The company will see a dramatic loss this year. We can handle this but let it be clear that if our theater does not open in August, we will have to carry out drastic restructuring ”, said Bourlon.

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