Strong dissent; China to ban Indian apps


China expresses strong opposition to Indian ban on Chinese apps The Chinese embassy said India’s action was “sensible and not transparent”.

Chinese embassy spokesperson Ji Rong said India’s action was discriminatory, against transparent action and against WDO rules. India has banned 52 apps, including Tick Talk, Wii Chat and UC Browser. He pointed out that these apps had many customers from India and not only the Indians who worked in the app but also the Indian consumers who found a livelihood through the app.

These are apps that can be used to replace Chinese applications banned in India

Last night, news broke that India had banned 52 apps, including Ticket Talk. Security forces have handed over a list of 52 apps to the ministry, citing the impact of the country’s security on 20 June, after the death of 20 soldiers killed in a conflict between India and China. Earlier last night, India banned 52 apps including Ticket Talk. However, Tic Tac India says it has not forwarded the details of Indian customers to the foreign government. Whatever the future steps, it will do so, according to WhatsApp officials. WhatsApp says Tic Talk is important for the privacy of its customers.

Story Highlights- china against india banning chinese app

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