Stick them in the ground! PHOTO of the wet Emilia blew up the net


The folk singer Emilia stunned everyone with her latest photo, in which even her most loyal fans barely recognized her. She is without extensions, with wet hair and a little makeup.

Chalga the Wild shared something no one knew about her until now.

“Today, once again, I will not play tennis, because of the next torrential rain for the second week. I wish you and myself a sunny and smiling week,” Emilia wrote on social media.

Fans of the star were surprised by her new hobby, which she probably fell in love with her husband Georges Bashour. This is how he maintains his tight figure, including a little fitness exercises.

Emilia is one of the few singers in this genre who has not yet announced her program with performances after the state of emergency fell and nightclubs reopened. Probably the singer is still worried about the high number of infected and has chosen to rest longer than her colleagues, writes.

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