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India supports Taiwan and Hong Kong following Chinese crackdown on blood spray in Galvan, East Ladakh At least 20 soldiers were killed in a Chinese attack late Monday night. Reports say that, including China’s commanding officer, were killed in India’s strong resistance. This is followed by posts from the Taiwan and Hong Kong community supporting India.

The image of Sri Rama, who shot down a Chinese dragon in Hong Kong-based media, Liqui, went viral. When we surrendered, we will kill the image that appeared on the Taiwanese News’ Photo of the Day. With this, Shri Raman flew the telephone handles of Twitter in India. Some of the Liqji commemorated India’s service to the Hong Kong Military Police during the British rule and the Indian Army’s defense against Japan in the 1941 Battle of Hong Kong.

In addition, some pictures of milk tea alliance (Milk Tea Alliance) went viral. Milk tea is an informal term used by the social media to signify solidarity between Asian countries. It also refers to the anti-China sentiment in India, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where milk tea is so common. Black tea is the most popular in China.


Taiwan’s support for India comes amid rising tensions between Taiwan and China. Chinese fighter jets fired inside Taiwan’s airfield four times in the past two weeks. There is decades of history behind the dispute between Taiwan and China. Communist rule came into force in China on October 1, 1949. After the revolution, Mao Tse Dung declared China a republic. The defeated Chiang Kai Shek then fled to Taiwan with his troops. Taipei then established itself as the capital.

Chiang claimed that Taiwan was the true Republic of China and accepted it by the anti-communist countries. Taiwan is still officially known as the Republic of China. But the Chinese claim that Taiwan is under their control. China has asked countries including India to address Taiwan’s Chinese Taipei telephone.

Earlier this year, Taiwan President Tsai Ing Wen made clear that Taiwan is an independent country and that China must recognize this reality. Two BJP MPs participated in a video conference on the swearing in of Sang Yeung Wen, who was re-elected as president in May. Taiwan has also exported over 10 lakh masks to India to support the Kovid defense.

Hong Kong – China

Democracy has been going on for over a year in Hong Kong. The strike, which began on June 9 last year against the passage of China’s law to prosecute the accused, has since grown into an anti-China democratic movement. The British colony of Hong Kong was annexed by China in 1997. China’s involvement in governance and rule of law is strong despite its own legal, financial and civil rights laws.

English SummaryChina’s dragon code: HK, Taiwan netizens support India

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