Spying: India cuts Pakistani High Commission staff by half


New Delhi: .

India has decided to cut the number of Pakistani embassies in Delhi by half due to spying and anti-India activities. Pakistan’s acting high commissioner has been summoned by the Foreign Ministry.

ISLAMABAD: The Indian High Commission in Islamabad has decided to halve the number of officials, the Foreign Ministry said in a press release. Decisions will come into effect within a week.

The External Affairs Ministry on Tuesday repeatedly expressed concern to the acting high commissioner at the Pakistani embassy in New Delhi. Pakistani officials deal with terrorist organizations and spy on them, the ministry said. An example of this was the arrest of two officers on espionage and expulsion on 31st of last month.

India also accused Pakistani officials of impeding the proper administration of Indian diplomats in Islamabad. The recent abduction and abduction of two Indian officials by gunmen is an example of how far Pakistan is going. The conduct and actions of Pakistan and their officials are incompatible with the Vienna Convention and the bilateral agreement. India pointed out that they were acting as coverts of an elaborate policy supporting cross-border terrorism and terrorism.

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