South Korea acknowledges the “bitter truth” about the Coruna virus


South Korea has acknowledged that since mid-May, it is facing a “second wave” of the new epidemic of the Corona epidemic, with 35 to 50 new cases of HIV being recorded daily, specifically in and around the capital, Seoul, a recognition that has been described in the media as “the bitter truth.”

South Korea was the second country to spread the epidemic after the outbreak China, but the Seoul authorities managed to control the situation by adopting an extensive examination strategy and tracking contacts of the injured even without imposing mandatory isolation measures.


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With the easing of social estrangement, early May, and the country returning to normalcy, an increase in the number of injuries has been recorded.

“We believe the second wave has been going on since May,” said Director of the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Jong Un Kyung.

And the measures of social separation were re-imposed inside the country by the end of May, where today, Tuesday, I counted 46 new cases, which brings the total injuries in the country to 12,484, and among the 46 new cases there are 30 people who came from abroad.

Seoul’s mayor, Park Won-soon, warned that more measures will be taken in the city if the number of casualties exceeds 30 for three consecutive days, saying that “if the capital cannot stop the current wave, the total number of daily cases may reach 800 by a month.” .

South Korean President Moon Jae In expressed his confidence in the country’s ability to cope with the disease, saying: “What we have learned in the past five months is that we can stop casualties if we respect the basic rules for stopping proliferation and government instructions.”

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