Six laborers killed in Saudi water tragedy


Riyadh: Six workers have died in Saudi Arabia after a pipeline was built. The incident took place in the Azizia District, south of Riyadh. The disaster occurred inside a pipe that was being installed as part of a water project.

Riyadh province civil defense spokesman Lt. Gov. Rafael Ramadan said on Friday night that six workers were reported missing inside a pipe that was 400 meters long and one meter in diameter. Colonel Muhammad Alhimadi said. Workers under the project implementing company are missing. Workers inside the pipe were unable to exit. They were also unable to contact outside colleagues.

A search by civil defense authorities found six people lying unconscious within 360 meters of the pipe. Then, using civil defense equipment, drilled holes in the pipe and pulled out all six. An examination by the medical team at the scene confirmed the deaths of six people. An investigation into the cause of the accident has begun.

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