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The legend of Levski and the new majority owner of the “blues” Nasko Sirakov outlined his plans for the future of the club.

“I am extremely excited. If I’m nervous, please excuse me, but it’s about the fate of Levski. I want to express my gratitude to the fans, because if it weren’t for them, there wouldn’t be this press conference.

“I will appeal to everyone who is at work to show a little respect for the Levski institution. When there was such money, everything was paid per second. Now we have to grit our teeth. We will look carefully at each post and position. There is what and how to do in this direction.

What is the first team? The former owners did not have the expertise I have. Expensive foreigners to be outside the group or reserves is an expensive luxury. And for us it can be deadly. I haven’t observed much in DYUS, but the most serious attention will be paid there. But not in fairy tales, but to give the opportunity to our children and teenagers to tread the main field of the stadium. I think that DYUS is the place where the most attention should be paid. The material base, you can see in what condition, the only place worse for football is probably “Bulgarian Army” and it is not normal for the two leading teams to play in such stadiums. We will seek assistance and understanding from the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, because he has repeatedly shown empathy for the sport. Levski really deserves to have a better stadium. On this basis, I want to say that I have talked to all the fan organizations and I told them that I do not return to promise titles and cups, because with so many obligations and facilities, it is not normal to have such aspirations. Where it has flowed, it will flow again. Levski will stand on its own two feet and win titles and cups. We must be synonymous with fairness to all those to whom we owe money. Let’s try not to spend, but to repay the debts. By accumulating all these obligations to all, respect for this institution is lost. You won’t hear me talk about refereeing, BFU, but this can be seen in every game and it can’t go on.

“I reached an agreement with Murray Stoilov, with this shameful case that Levski is leading with him. Because this cannot happen with the most successful coach of the “blues” lately. He did not ask for the money that was earned with honest work. I witnessed that. ”

“Experts, legends will enter the management and they will work the way I try to help Levski. Without a penny. I was advised by my friends to make a management contract so that they would not accuse me of stealing. Levski will be the most transparent club in this country. I have a proposal from the fan organizations and they will have a representative on the Supervisory Board. ”

“What is our first team at the moment? Absolute imbalance. We have four goalkeepers and a signed contract with a fifth. Four strikers and five defenders. Foreigners with salaries unique to our standards and are out of the group or on the bench. This will not continue. Sure, I’ll make mistakes too, but they can’t be ten to one. I know the people in my head and I have an idea of ​​the team I want to create.

“I have not seen or talked to Delyan Peevski. In the name of Levski, I am ready to drink coffee with everyone. All our advertising positions are free, except for the name of the stadium. We work with exceptional financiers. But we need to tighten our belts and build our house. Levski came to this situation because it spent more than it earned. In any case, we will try to leave a little to clean things up. I will tell you that from 2004 to 2008 50 million entered Levski. Things are completely different in groups B and C as potential, but when you want a lot and have the knowledge how to achieve it, you will always succeed.

“I have not had a conversation with any legend so far. I will talk to the Prime Minister about infrastructure. I will not ask him to pay our debts. There is a danger that Levski will not finish the season. She is small, but she has it. I will talk to each of the players. The boys have so far shown high morale and no word has been heard about financial claims. It is normal to be worried. I hope we find an agreement with everyone. The club currently has top professionals of various kinds

“If someone thinks that we will bring the next father, who will pour millions, it will not happen. This model has run out and Levski is currently struggling. I’d rather have ten smaller sponsors than one big one.

“I did not have the opportunity to see the work at DYUS, but I received good feedback about the work there. I did not have the opportunity to talk to Yoncho Arsov. These days we will talk much more seriously. School is a priority. But if they think that we will put 5-6 teenagers in the first team, there is no way. Serious work is required. In any case, what is good will be preserved. ”

“If anyone comes and makes such a proposal for the future of Levski and all those who love this team, I will be happy to transfer this burden to this person. It is an honor for me to think about how we will be saved. If there is a financial offer to buy shares, I will ask Titi to sell some of his shares (laughs). I know that we were officially congratulated for the organization of the match with Ludogorets. If we watch yesterday’s match, Gerena was better. ”

“My very presence guarantees that there will be no political dependence in Levski. We will play in the European tournaments when we are ready and we have deserved it. “A Cypriot team, whose name I have not heard, cannot come and score seven goals for us,” Sirakov said.

“I can’t complain about the desire of the players. The problem is that in the match with Ludogorets – Levski played at 100%, and Razgrad at 60%. This means that something is lame with us. If necessary, we will wait for a place in the European tournaments.

“Returning to Levski is a cause and it becomes the meaning of my life. There is no chance for me to think about the Bulgarian Football Union in six months. I was in the Executive Committee long enough and there is no need for more, “Sirakov said.

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