Saudi artist Khaled Abdel Rahman appears for the first time after his recovery and explains the reality of his image on the disease bed (video)


The Saudi artist Khaled Abdel Rahman appeared for the first time after leaving the hospital due to a health problem he was recently exposed to.

And the Saudi artist, in a video clip, through his official account on “Twitter”, touched on a picture circulated by activists on social networking sites, saying: “The truth is that the image that I came up with or published was from the series” Beating the Sand “, but God guides the one who came up with it and fabricated it as From recent events, but thank God .. Thank you all. ”

In a tweet, Saudi manager of the star of the singing star, Bandar Abdul Rahman, said that he had returned to his home, without mentioning the nature of the disease that afflicted him.

Activists on social media recently shared a picture of a Gulf singing star lying in bed.

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