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The number of DDOS attacks in the Netherlands is slightly decreasing, but the attacks are becoming larger and more complex. Last year’s biggest attack was twice as big as the year before. In many cases, multiple types of attacks are combined.

In 2019, the National Administrators’ Organization for Internet Providers detected a DDOS attack 919 times. There were still 938 attacks in 2018. The attacks did increase in size, the organization concludes in its annual report.

The NBIP manages the National Anti-ddos Car Wash or NaWas. The biggest attack that was stopped by that ‘car wash’ last year was 124Gbit / s. That is almost twice the size of the largest attack in 2018, which came to 64Gbit / s. Also, according to the NBIP, the number of ddos ​​attacks drops below a gigabyte per second. Most of the attacks recorded by the NBIP had a capacity of between one and ten gigabytes per second.

According to the report, the average duration of attacks decreases slightly. There were more attacks of less than 15 minutes, but fewer attacks that lasted between one and four hours.

NBIP says that in many cases combined attacks are launched. In 2019 dns amplificationattacks most popular. In one case, the NaWas detected an attack using 30 different attack methods, although most were attacks using 8, 9 or 10 methods.

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