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Bentley just introduced the facelifted Bentayga to the world. The SUV introduced to the world in 2015 will blow out its fifth candle this year, which means that the updated version of the SUV will not come a moment too soon. In fact, given the sales success of the SUV, we expected Bentley to modernize its long-legged technically related Audi Q7 earlier. Especially when you consider that Audi last year already a thoroughly facelifted variant of his Q7 presented.

The exterior changes are not earth-shattering at first sight, but they are indeed there. The Bentayga gets a new front bumper in which differently shaped cooling openings have been given a place. These openings no longer continue into the front screens, but extend further into the bumper than before. The extra space that Bentley has freed up ‘at the top’ is filled by a strong fold that connects to the new, more oval headlight units that are equipped with LED matrix technology. Not only are the regular viewers new, but also the small round lighting units that sit next to the headlights and in which the daytime running lights and the turn signals are housed have not survived the facelift untouched. On the redesigned Bentayga, these smaller lighting units are more than just ‘a ring’ that was filled by a round piece of plastic sprayed in body color. From now on they are fully filled with LED technology. The hood extends further forward, which means that the grille is no longer framed by one large piece of plastic.

At the rear of the SUV, the design team of the Bentley is more enthusiastic. The relatively small and fairly angular rear lights, with the distinctive B-light signature, are being replaced for completely new units. The new taillights, with their oval shape, are very similar to the ones Bentley mounts on the back of the Continental GT and Continental GT Convertible. A striking difference: with the lamps on the back of the Bentayga, only the outer ring is illuminated. With this, Bentley seems to subtly wink at the ring-shaped lighting for the daytime running lights and the turn signals on the front that just did not survive the facelift. Nice detail: the EXP 9 F Concept, the controversial study model that preceded the Bentayga, had a light signature on the back reminiscent of this new set of taillights.


The interior is also being modified, albeit at a detailed level. Bentley now gives the Bentayga a fully digital instrumentation and a new steering wheel, but it does not stop there. The round vents at the top of the center console have been replaced by more horizontal ones. They seem to somewhat embrace the centrally placed analog clock. Lower on the center console, we see a new and larger 10.9-inch display that is linked to the updated infotainment system. Physical buttons to operate the system remain available. However, they move one floor down and are now no longer on the left and right side of the display, but above the buttons for the climate control. Bentley also gives the Bentayga completely new furniture. Everything for a nice seat. Ease of use is enhanced with a standard induction charger. USB-C ports are also standard from now on.

Bentley Bentayga


The redesigned Bentayga will initially only be available with the 550 hp and 770 Nm strong 4.0-liter V8 with two turbochargers. That unaltered machine is linked to an eight-speed automatic. In 4.5 seconds the Bentayga V8 thunders to a speed of 100 km / h. Its top speed: 290 km / h. According to Bentley, anyone who goes for an economy drive should be able to score an average consumption of 13.3 l / 100. The Bentayga Speed, with its more than 600 hp and 900 Nm strong 6.0 W12 under the hood will follow later, the same applies to the plug-in hybrid, the Hybrid.

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The Bentayga has turned out to be a direct hit for Bentley. The Continental GT last year the best-selling car of the brand, but sales of the Bentayga also increased by a neat 18 percent. In the Netherlands, a total of 71 copies have been sold since 2015, which makes the model the best-selling Bentley in 1983 after the Continental in our country. In 2017, the Bentayga had its best year in the Netherlands, when 24 copies were found by an owner. Last year, 19 copies were sold and the sales counter for 2020 is currently at five pieces. Bentley has recently passed the milestone of 20,000 units produced.

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