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Mumbai, for instance, said that during one of the interviews, the flow was a bit off. But Suresh Raina may not have thought that Harbhajan Singh would do such a thing. In an interview, Suresh Raina revealed that Sachin Tendulkar’s class was cut when he went to school to watch the legendary innings of Sharjah, known as the Desert Stowe. Raina said Tendulkar had cut two noon periods to watch Sachin’s innings.

Cricket seems to be a natural thing for someone who is crazy. But Raina had some trouble with that. Raina’s teammate Harbhajan Singh has broken that rivalry with the Indian team and Chennai Super Kings. Harbhajan was the team-mate when Sachin Tendulkar was born in Sharjah. Harbhajan, who jokingly asked why the two parodies were torn in the afternoon to watch the game, which started at four o’clock in the evening. Anyway, the incident hit.

Raina was a schoolboy in 1998, the day Tendulkar’s legendary innings was born. Raina claimed that Tendulkar and his friends had gone to class to watch the match at Sharjah. During the tournament in Sharjah, a few of us would cut the last two seasons. Tendulkar had opened the innings for India at the time, Raina said.

It was then that Harbhajan, who was a member of the Indian team, came to the fore. Harbhajan asked why Raina was classed as the matches were starting at 4 pm Indian time.

Why to cut class? Why? The matches started at 4 pm Indian time. Harbhajan, who played the series on Twitter. Anyway, fans have taken to Harbhajan’s tweet.

English Summary: Raina says he was bunked to school Tendulkar’s Sharjah special: But match started at 4pm, responds Harbhajan

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