PS wants to ban layoffs until the end of October


The PS has introduced a bill banning companies from firing people until the end of October.

In the proposal, the PS refers to Spain, Italy and Germany. “The Spanish government has decided that no workers should be made redundant during the crisis. There is a six-month ban on dismissal in Italy. Germany has developed a comprehensive protection package for the benefit of its employees, it sounds. “Belgium must also take decisive measures to protect workers and limit the social consequences of the crisis to the maximum.”

“We think it is unfair if the companies that can use the system of temporary unemployment and support measures still lay off employees, especially if those companies pay dividends.”

“Not for their pleasure”

The ban would not apply to redundancies for an urgent reason, nor to bankruptcy.

In a response to Het Laatste Nieuws, the self-employed organization NSZ said it was surprised. “This is an incomprehensible proposition. Employers never fire people for pleasure. In difficult times, a company is sometimes forced to fire people to ensure the survival of the company and the jobs of the other employees. ”

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