Protesters lynched police in the United States, injuring more than 300 in New York alone


New York City Police Chief Dermot Shea testified that law enforcement officers were attacked with bricks, knives, trash cans and bottles during recent protests against racial prejudice, and described the events as “the most serious riots” in the city for years. Reuters.

Shea’s testimony was part of a series of online hearings conducted by New York Attorney General Leticia James, who is investigating police response to protests that erupted after the murder of George Floyd in an arrest in Minneapolis late last month.Numerous protesters testified last week that New York City police officers kicked or kicked them, beat them with batons, sprayed them with hot spray, or handcuffed them so tightly that their hands turned blue.

Shea said street protests were a “tradition as old as New York,” but said the demonstrations had been different lately. He said more than 300 police officers had been injured since protests began in late May.

Shea promises that police officers found to have violated standards of force against New Yorkers will suffer the consequences.


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