Prithviraj: ‘Gym Body With No Beard’; Actor Prithviraj shaves off his beard shares photo with supriya


Prithviraj’s Getaway Life was filled with social media and more over the last few years. Prithviraj has done so for a long life with a beard, long hair and a thin body. Prithviraj is back in his native form after filming in Jordan. As a part of this, Prithviraj has now given up her beard and hair. Fans have taken over the star’s new look.

Say goodbye to the beard look

Prithviraj shared his latest picture. Prithviraj is in a new look with no beard and mustache. The star shared the caption “Jim Body with No Beard.”

Beside Supriya

Prithviraj’s wife Supriya is also in the picture. Prithviraj and Supriya are getting together after tomorrow. Prithviraj asks who may have been bearded in the hashtag given with the picture.

Stretched beard since October

Prithviraj has been working on her beard since last October. Meanwhile, Prithviraj also acted in the movie Ayyappan and Koshyam. He then lost weight.

Back home after the Quarter

The comedy team of Prithviraj and director Blessy returned home from Jordan on May 22. Prithviraj returned home after 14 days of quarantine. Meanwhile, the star has started working out to make his body look older.

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