Outbreak of coronavirus in the Shumen village of Izgrev


Photo: Getty Images / Guliver

A new hearth of coronavirus we have. Three residents of the Shumen village of Izgrev tested positive for COVID-19.

The results of another 16 samples from contact persons are expected, who have been placed under a 14-day quarantine. The regional crisis headquarters introduced additional restrictive measures in the village. As of today, the kindergarten, the community center and all markets are closed, BNT reported.

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is expected to hold talks with members of the National Operations Headquarters on the coronavirus tomorrow.
The meeting will discuss …

The cause of the infection has not yet been identified, but is thought to be due to the mobility of local people. The version that a week ago people from the village were at a family celebration in the Razgrad village of Yasenovets is also being checked.

Ercan Tefik, mayor of the village of Izgrev, said people were taken in, scared. “They are scared, there is panic, by the way. The phones are ringing, what how, what to do. They report a second, third person sick, not hiding. Those who have real doubts tell themselves to come and take samples.”


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