One of the symbols of ketchup – The Undertaker, ended his career


One of the most popular heroes in the history of the World Wrestling Federation – The Undertaker, announced the end of his career.

Mark Callaway, as his real name is, was part of the WWE for 30 years, becoming one of the symbols of the industry.

The 55-year-old athlete announced that he is already exhausted and has no desire to get back in the ring.

Never say never, but at this point I’m really exhausted. I have no desire to get in the ring, the cowboy is leaving.

There is nothing left to achieve in this industry. The game is changing, it’s the turn of the new boys, and the documentary we’re shooting has helped me open my eyes and really see from a different angle how much I’ve achieved“he said.

Photo: Getty images / Gulliver photos

The image of the Undertaker is considered the brightest character in the WWE.

His rocker appearance, the spectacular appearance on stage on a motorcycle, as well as the gloomy scenes playing with death, made the Undertaker a favorite of millions of fans.

He has been the world champion of the federation seven times, and among his achievements is the incredible record of 21 consecutive victories of Kechmania, which is the most spectacular gala in wrestling, held every year.

Photo: Getty images / Gulliver photos

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