Newcastle coach flirting with de Bruyne to move


Newcastle United coach Steve Bruce invited Belgian Kevin de Bruyne to move to the ranks of his team, before the two teams met in the FA Cup.

“I hope he gets bored in City and comes here, it will be great and he will help us a lot,” Bruce said at the press conference before the meeting.

“He is among the great, when talking about Brian Robson and Roy Keane we’re talking about a special class, and he’s with them.”

“He is a great soccer player and he also seems to me to be a humble person, and that is what makes him a special player as well,” he concluded.

It is noteworthy that the names of many of the players were associated with the move to Newcastle, especially since the beginning of the talk about buying and supporting the Saudi Investment Fund for the English Club, according to what Transfer “Goole” site.

Newcastle will host Manchester City on Sunday night to play the quarter-finals of the FA Cup.

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