NASA: A dangerous asteroid is approaching Earth on June 6


NASA has announced that an asteroid with a diameter of between 250 and 570 meters will approach our planet to the minimum distance on June 6.

According to the agency, the asteroid known as 163348 (2002 NN4) will approach our planet to the minimum distance, which is 13 times greater than the distance between Earth and the moon.

The danger of this asteroid is due to the fact that its path contradicts Earth’s orbit.

It is reported that the asteroid was discovered in 2002, and it completes a full spin around the sun in 300 days.

At the end of April, the giant asteroid 1998 OR2 circled over Earth at 9 kilometers per second, and in late January, an unusual asteroid 2020 BX12 passed through our planet, which appeared on its own satellite.

The Russian space agency “Ross Cosmos” has ruled out a threat to Earth due to the asteroid flight 1998 OR2.

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