MV Jayarajan slams Mullappally Ramachandran for his comments against KK Shailaja | ‘Deadly virus is worse than coronavirus’ son of Attamparathi Gopalan’ MV Jayarajan against Mullapally



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Thiruvananthapuram: CPM leader MV Jayarajan has attacked the Congress. Jayarajan has reacted bitterly to the expat issue and the humiliation of Health Minister KK Shailaja by Mullapally Ramachandran. MV Jayarajan on Facebook tweeted that Attamparathi Gopalan’s son is more deadly than the coronavirus.

Fasting is not intended to help expatriates, but the talk is titled Insulting Womanhood. Read: “The Opposition’s attempt to slander the Left Front government, which has introduced a number of schemes aimed at expatriate welfare, is ridiculous. The government has never taken a stand against the influx of migrants. The government has only said that those who are affiliated with Kovid should be brought separately. The Supreme Court has upheld this position.



KK shailaja teacher is rock dancer says mullapally | Oneindia Malayalam

This was when the central government brought in the expatriate Indians from Italy. The Union Minister had also said that he would board the plane only after the tests. Later they changed their stance. The government is not responsible for that. The UDF was always trying to fish in the turbulent waters during the Kovid disaster. The people recognized each one. It is similar to what is now accepted in the case of expats.

He said Kerala would also provide a kit to conduct tests from overseas. The Embassy of India and the Central Government should take further action. For that, 19 Congress MPs and Leader of the Opposition should fast in Delhi. But KPCC is not only fasting in Thiruvananthapuram, but also derogatory terms for the Health Minister. Used by the President. The world over has seen that Nipa defended itself as exemplary. The Chief Minister and the Health Minister have received honors in the US. The Congress-ruled Maharashtra Health Minister and the BJP-ruled Goan Health Minister have all said that they are exemplary in the Covid defense.

The yellow eyes are all yellow because of the yellow eyes. If Shashi had asked Tharoor, he would have made no mention of the teacher. Those who make such derogatory speeches are a bigger virus than the Covid virus. It cannot be expected that the anti-woman remarks against the Communist minister will be apologized from the son of a man who was a police spy for betraying the Communists.

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