Minister: antisocial to go on holiday to Turkey now


Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen thinks it is “very antisocial” and irresponsible if people now go on holiday to Turkey. Due to the coronavirus, an ‘orange’ travel advice still applies to that country, which means: only go there for necessary trips. “This does not include holidays and family visits,” said Van Nieuwenhuizen in Question Time in the House of Representatives.

Corendon, among others, already offers holiday trips to Turkey. The Minister of Infrastructure believes that the travel organization should not do that yet. Because it anticipates an adjustment of the travel advice, which may not be continued. Now people who come to the Netherlands from Turkey have to be quarantined for two weeks. This also applies to Dutch holidaymakers.

Big risk

Van Nieuwenhuizen once again reminds people to take their responsibility. “It is explicitly not the intention that people go on holiday to countries where an orange travel advice applies. It is a great risk. And it is also very antisocial and irresponsible to say: I come up with a reason why I have to go there. Not only for yourself, but also for Dutch society when you return. “

Moreover, the European foreign ministers are now speaking in Brussels about the possible adjustment of travel advice. It is therefore possible that the Turkish travel advice will be set to ‘yellow’ tomorrow, on 1 July, but that is not certain. Yellow means that you have to pay attention, because there are risks.

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