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Less than 1% are infected with coronavirus in social services

There are no new infections in recent days

There are over 16,000 users of all social services, 10,800 people are the employees who serve them and to this day the tests in social services are still going on. So far, there are 54 confirmed infected users and 45 infected staff. These are data as of May 28 this year. Against the background of over 26,000 socially engaged users and employees, this is a very small part of the infection – less than 1% of patients in social services. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy Adriana Stoimenova for Monitor.

“I think we have done everything we can to limit the coronavirus. Until recently, there was a change every day in the number of patients in these services, and now in the last few days there are no new cases of infection, “said Stoimenova.

Lovech is one of the last areas with an infected employee in social services. , explained Stoimenova. The woman was quarantined for 28 days, although the first test was positive and the second was negative, but she was still quarantined, explained Deputy Minister Stoimenova.

The infected person was contacted by 4 people and despite their negative tests, they were placed under a 14-day quarantine, Stoimenova added. “Measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the infection. It is not clear where the woman became infected, we have no information that she traveled, “said Stoimenova and stressed that the infected social worker in Lovech had no access to social services before or after testing.

There were also volunteers who joined the social patronage, and some of the municipalities have taken the initiative to test them for coronavirus, explained Stoimenova. “We have no information about infected people. I was also a volunteer and distributed food and I can say first hand that we have followed all prevention measures. The elderly and people with disabilities we visited were very happy with the fact that the state, in the person of the Social Assistance Agency, took care of them, “said the Deputy Minister of Social Affairs.

Adriana Stoimenova explained that she was also a volunteer on the hotline provided by the MLSP for citizens. “One of the people who called told me that the biggest illness was loneliness – what adults needed most was to share and talk to someone, the unknown scared them and that social isolation made them even more alone, that they cannot go out and communicate “, explained Stoimenova.

Everyone who called was informed about the services offered by the MLSP, and some were even referred to a doctor when needed. “There was no person who asked for help and assistance from us and did not receive it,” Stoimenova was adamant.

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