Kuwait 19: Four deaths in Kuwait today Covid19


Kuwait City: Four people have died in Kuwait this morning. More than 630 people, including 105 Indians, have been diagnosed with coronavirus today. Today 920 people have been discharged.

Of the 33, 140 cases of coronary artery disease in the country so far, 22 and 162 have been diagnosed. 173 were in intensive care and 10,705 were in treatment. Today, the death toll in the country has risen to 273, with four more dead. Most of the people diagnosed with coronavirus these days are indigenous.

Officials said that after the corona was discovered by 17 employees of the Bayan Cooperative Society, the company closed and inspected more than 100 employees and began the process of disinfecting the building.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health said that as part of the Coronation Prevention Initiative, the public should be informed of the latest information on the health sector in the country and that everyone should download the ‘Slonak’ online application to contact the Ministry of Health.

In the event of any symptoms of Kovid related symptoms, it is possible to provide information directly to the Ministry of Health through the Slonak application to communicate with the Medical Department. Shlonik on google playstore –
Just type in the application.

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