KPN will connect 285,000 homes to fiber in Rotterdam in five years – IT Pro – News


The Municipality of Rotterdam has entered into a partnership agreement with KPN for the construction of fiber optics at 285,000 homes and companies. That should happen in the next five years. After the summer it will start in Centrum-Oost and Delfshaven.

By the collaboration The Municipality of Rotterdam actively cooperates with the issuing of permits and it is also being investigated whether the installation of fiber optics can be combined with existing activities, in order to minimize inconvenience for residents.

KPN only mentions the two areas where it will start installing its fiber optic network after the summer, other regions will follow later, but details are not yet available. The plan provides for 285,000 connections by 2025.

KPN has in their own words in the Netherlands already some 2.5 million fiber optic connections and the ambition is to add another million connections in a year. The provider has also started installing fiber optic connections in Amsterdam and Maastricht this year. The construction of KPN’s fiber optic network is to follow via a map.

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