Jenna and the “Canaries” from Katunitsa are being chased with a subscription


We are collecting a subscription to finally evict the “Canaries” from Katunitsa! We just had a rest after we ousted Tsar Kiro, and now they are driving us crazy “, neighbors of the musical family, which is among the noisiest in the village, are dissatisfied with” Weekend “. People are dissatisfied with the brazen behavior of the Stoev clan, as well as with their eternal and non-stop parties.

The family has been disliked for years by its humble neighbors, who are annoyed by the canaries’ parade of opportunities. Years ago, the musical family showed their home in Katunitsa, then Jenna and her husband Nasko gave their first interview as a family from their father’s home, and the audience was shocked by the tastelessness, golden colors and 20 tasteless paintings arranged in the room asymmetrically. Even then, the neighbors were annoyed by the kitschy and expensive furniture in Stoevi, who have several chairs in their home, also known as the “royal throne”.

The property of the “Canaries” in Katunitsa, which is the size of a junior high school, has long been the subject of ridicule among the villagers of the musicians. Old Canary can often be seen bringing in another painting, stand or water fountain for the yard, and among their tomato seedlings in the garden there are countless of the so-called “peeing” dwarfs. Their door, of course, is guarded by two huge plaster eagles, one of which has a broken wing.

Apart from the Old Canary – the accordionist Nasko Stoev, and his wife Nadia, Jenna and her young husband Nasko also live in the house from time to time. It was in this home that the folk singer and Atanas Stoev Jr., who had returned to the musician’s parents, were quarantined. This is what poured the cup of patience for their neighbors. An unbearable noise kept coming from the mansion.

“Not only do we tolerate Nadia’s fuss and pretensions, but Jenna has come to us more. As far as I know, she also has problems with her neighbors in Sofia. Now he is driving us crazy with his claims “, commented a neighbor of the music clan, which is among the initiators of the subscription.

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