In steps … How can you enable the automatic response feature to “WhatsApp” messages


WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is one of the most widely used social media apps in the world, but many users are unaware of its secrets and mysteries.

One of the hidden differences is that WhatsApp can provide automated responses to reply to WhatsApp messages at a specific time or period.

One of the features found in the version of “WhatsApp Business”, through which the contact can inform you that you are currently unavailable to reply to messages or that you will respond to the sender at some point, or offer a new way to communicate with the user outside of WhatsApp is one of the features found through the version of “WhatsApp Business.”


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And monitor Site “Times News Now” is a set of steps by which the automated reply-to feature can be activated.

These steps were as follows:

– Click Settings: Open the WhatsApp app and tap the three points in the app.

Now, click Settings and then click Business Settings and finally the “Away message” icon.

– Click on “Message abroad”: Now, click the toggle button next to “Send message away”.

Edit the message: Click on the message, enter the message you want to send to clients, and click “OK”.

– Schedule your message: Now, the next step is to schedule your message.

– Always Send: Select this option if it is not available for a longer period.

– Custom schedule: Select this option if you want to only send the automatic message during a specific time.



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Out of business hours: This option allows you to send automatic messages only outside of business hours. You need to set business hours on your business profile for this option.

– Select recipient: The last step is to select the recipient you want to send this message to.

– Everyone: Select this option to send the automatic message to everyone who sends you text messages after business hours.

– Everyone not in the address book: This option allows you to send an automatic message to numbers that are not in your contact list.

– Everyone except: To send messages to everyone except for a few contacts.

– Send only to: Select this option to send messages to the selected contacts.

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