In Sharjah, mosques are about to open


Sharjah Religious Affairs Department with preparations to open mosques in Sharjah. Churches in the emirate are in the process of cleaning up the order. In the UAE, no one knows exactly when the shrines will be opened to the faithful. However, whenever there is an order, the religious affairs department is prepared.

The shrine will be opened with strict conditions, as there is a fear of cowardice spreading across the country. It is important for believers to pray two meters apart. Accordingly, the lines of prayer can be arranged in the mosques. Everyone should come to church wearing a mask.


The sanctuary rooms of the shrines are not open. The doors of the pulpit must be kept open during prayer to avoid contact. The women’s prayer chambers will not be opened in churches that focus on women’s safety. The supply of drinking water at places of worship will not be temporary.

Now sterilization in the mosques continues. Security posters have been posted in various languages. Sharjah News has released video footage of it.

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