“I am impeccably honest” – what Borisov – Bulgaria admitted


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The Prime Minister Boyko Borissov convened a briefing at the headquarters of GERB as after elections with built behind him: the party’s parliamentary group, Parliament Speaker Tsveta Karayancheva, Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev, Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova – some of them watched nelovko and from the back rows they applauded as if at the signal of important expressions of their leader. The reason for the extraordinary event on Wednesday afternoon (June 17) there was another anonymous attack against him – this time the media received photos from his bedroom in the Boyana residence. On them, in addition to Borisov being filmed sleeping, the drawer of the nightstand can be seen open, full of bundles of 500 euro banknotes and gold bars.

Entering his personal space apparently forced the prime minister to change the tactic of complete denial and, like previous cases in which he was wiretapped and the recordings became public, to admit some things. This tactic has been profitable so far – no lawsuits have been filed against him. Years ago, the prosecutor’s office considered his public confession that he had stopped the customs inspection in the brewery of Mihail Mihov – Misho Birata, to be self-criticism and an inconsistent act. Similarly, Borissov admitted to the recordings at his home in Bankya, which revealed that he had a decisive voice in the election of the former chief prosecutor – he downplayed their contents and was the victim of illegal wiretapping “in the toilet” (which he recalled and in his speech on Wednesday).

Borissov again took on the role of a victim of compromising material, as defined by the leaked recording, the photos and some of the allegations of racketeering of the accused Vasil Bozhkov. He mainly attacked President Rumen Radev and his former most loyal party member, Tsvetan Tsvetanov. (All about his speech – here, video – here).
“I am impeccably honest,” Borissov said at the end of the briefing as he answered questions. He skipped between topics several times, sometimes not finishing what he wanted to explain, or starting to answer another question.

What was clear from his words about the recording, the photos, the text messages with Bozhkov:

1. The Prime Minister already requests an inspection of the leaked recordings and photographs and knows that there will be such an inspection, even though he hadn’t talked to the people on whom it depended. Indirectly, he admitted that his wishes were consistent with the actions of the prosecutor’s office, which today unexpectedly filed a complaint for the recording, in which a man with a voice like Borisov’s speaks cynical cynicism about the speaker of parliament and senior politicians from EU countries, uses an independent regulator as a bat against an awkward company, announces an impending indictment of a deputy minister and threatens that others may be harmed.

2. Borissov admitted that at the end of May 2019 he knew about the impending indictment of Deputy Minister Alexander Manolev (in records is heard “… but Manolev will be burned. He will be charged today or tomorrow …”). His explanation, however, is that he learned about it from media investigations, which almost predicted him. That’s why he expected to be accused, and that’s why he knew. If the media and their investigations had predicted the accusations, half the government, maybe the prime minister, would already be accused …

3. The Prime Minister believes that the heads of independent regulators are still dependent. “He is dependent only until he is appointed,” Borissov explained to the head of the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) when asked if he had sent him to harass a private company (in records is heard: “Otherwise pazdyyte tova, that vkaAx taka go .. ADFI, tovaaa – KFH, po” Evpoxold “.). Borissov’s revelation on Wednesday shows that dependent people are being appointed to important positions in the country. After that, they cannot behave independently and adhere only to the law.

4. The photos are from the “state bedroom” of the prime minister, he confirmed. From Borissov’s comment (“naked prime minister is asleep”) about the shot, which shows a sleeping man who looks like him, it became clear that he is real – from the residence in Boyana. In the same picture on the nightstand there is a pistol and a phone with headphones (similar to its Nokia). He confirmed that he had a gun that he did not part with, but denied sleeping with it. He said he would sleep with a gun from now on because he did not feel protected. Borissov did not give a clear explanation of how he both claims that the photo in which the “sweet back” is real, and denies sleeping with the gun in this shot.

Zoom - part of the frame in which Borisov sleeps. A pistol can be seen on the nightstand. The prime minister explained that this photo was real, but that he did not sleep with a gun to his head.

Zoom – part of the frame in which Borisov sleeps. A pistol can be seen on the nightstand. The prime minister explained that this photo was real, but that he did not sleep with a gun to his head.

5. According to Borissov, the money and gold in the drawers of the nightstand are compromising. He explained that in Boyana – the bedroom, the office and the toilet are on the same floor. He added that some time ago an executive commission of GERB was meeting at his residence. According to him, it is possible that someone directed the footage. Borissov declined to say who he suspected and how they were made. He announced that he had a safe and why to keep them in drawers, even inserting that the residence was inhabited by other prime ministers before him. According to Borissov, however, the compromising material was prepared before last year’s European elections, which he recognized “by carpet”. Among the distributed shots, they differ from three different days – they always show the drawers and bundles (with 500 euro banknotes) in them. Almost at the end of the briefing, the Prime Minister developed the thesis that if “if they installed me … if they put cameras in my bedroom and started releasing such photos from the cameras in the bedroom – then we have all risen.”Dnevnik’s editorial position is not to publish the shot with the sleeping prime minister, because it does not show anything significant, except that it was made by someone with close access to Borissov. We publish a detail of it, which shows the gun on the locker, because it gives context and caused a confused explanation by the Prime Minister. As well as several other shots (at the end of the text), which he claims are compromising.

6. Conversation with text messages in Cyrillic between Borisov and Vasil Bozhkov exists. A week before the government meeting, the prime minister announced that his “phone” does not have Cyrillic and everyone knew that. This was his indirect response to Bozhkov’s photo of their communication. This Wednesday, the prime minister changed his explanation and confirmed that he had written to Bozhkov in … Cyrillic. It was about Levski players in Vitosha (Bistritsa) to stay in the team. He explained that he had forwarded to Bozhkov messages he had received from another. “Yes, this conversation exists,” Borissov said.

Then, when asked about other text messages, he was confused and said that he thanked the businessman for the players. In the screenshot shown by Bozhkov, however, the line “Thank you” comes after the words: “Maya Manolova is coming for support. I refused her.” Borissov did not comment on this, as well as the messages they exchanged about the suspension of changes in the Law on Gambling in June 2018 and when Bozhkov wrote him “Thank you !!!”

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7. The Prime Minister avoided a specific answer as to how the law on gambling was changed a few years ago in favor of the lottery of Vasil Bozhkov. Borissov directed the journalists to the transcripts of the parliament and quickly changed the subject. The transcripts actually confirm Bozhkov’s version that the law stipulates a second type of tax rate (a lower fee at which lotteries have been paid for 5 years). For this he was asked for a “calm fee” or “assistance”, as the businessman calls it – 20% of the profit in this business, so as not to change the law again. Borissov reiterated that neither he nor the party had taken a penny from Bozhkov (on Wednesday morning, the businessman once again stated that he had handed over BGN 67 million to Borisov in three years through named persons and Goranov).

8. The recording of the conversation with the cynicism and threats is mounted by words uttered elsewhere. Borissov again resorted to the only possible thesis for justification, but did not explain where he said the vulgar tales that were mounted. However, he hinted, nodding to GERB’s top echelon behind his back, that they had heard “what not” from him. As proof that nothing came of this, Borisov unexpectedly pulled Karayancheva to him and kissed her on the head for her endless inconvenience. The Speaker of Parliament visibly found it difficult to maintain his central place at the nearly hour-long briefing. The prime minister explained that he had a wonderful relationship with both her and her husband. But he announced that a whole recording studio had been set up – without saying a word.

9. “Can I know what things to write to you and ruin you as a journalist?” – Borissov’s remark was addressed to the journalist from “Free Europe” Polina Paunova, who insisted on getting answers to the awkward questions she asked. For example, why, after the law on gambling was passed in favor of Vasil Bozhkov, he sent a short message to the Prime Minister, in which he thanked him and received the answer: “Help”. With these words, Borissov almost verbatim repeated his former threat from February 2013 to reporters who insisted on the question of whether he was a Buddha agent of the CSCOC in the 1990s. “I can give this to all of you who are standing here today. Today I can order the services to file similar cases against all your journalists, all of them,” Borissov said at the time.

10. Everyone is against him except the MRF. Borissov did not mention Dogan and Peevski’s party among the parties he listed as his enemies. After he was spotted, he explained that “the MRF is acting insidiously, from behind” – with a meaningful sneer from the party members behind him. Then he did not fail to say that Peevski was just an MP.

Except that accused President Radev of following him with a drone, Borissov announced that the goal was to lubricate them mentally (probably GERB) and then to physically assault them (video – here).

After these confessions, the picture seems much clearer. According to the Criminal Code, confessions are not enough, and a serious investigation of all versions is needed. In this regard, the possibilities are not at all optimistic, given that minutes before Borissov’s statement, Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev made it clear that he sees what happened as another creation of political scandals and shaking of power by defendants. . And, as usual, he listed the names of publishers of independent media, traditionally “wrapping” them with the fugitives from justice Vasil Bozhkov and Tsvetan Vassilev. That is, for now, the finale seems foretold and inglorious.

Banknotes and bars.

Banknotes and bars.

Another common shot - made at another time, but the gun is in the same place. Borisov claims that the footage with bundles of euros in the locker is compromising.

Another common shot – made at another time, but the gun is in the same place. Borisov claims that the footage with bundles of euros in the locker is compromising.

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