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Kovid confirmed to 57 people in Thiruvananthapuram 55 are from outside. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told reporters here that the results of the 18 tests were negative. Sulekha who was under treatment in Kozhikode died. He was sick, and came from the Gulf. With this the death toll in the state rose to 10. 1326 people have so far been diagnosed with the disease. 708 treated. 1,39,661 are under observation. 1,38,397 are held in homes and institutional quarters. There are a total of 1246 hospitals. The Chief Minister said that 174 persons have been admitted to the hospital today.

Covid affected people in various districts today

Thiruvananthapuram 3

Kollam 5

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Alleppey 2

Idukki 1

3 of Ernakulam

Thrissur 9

Malappuram 14

Palakkad 2


Of these, 27 are from overseas. 28 came from other states. One is an Air India staff and the other is a health care worker. Malappuram 7, Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam 3 each, Pathanamthitta, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Wayanad and Kannur 1 each. So far, 68,979 samples have been sent for inspection. A total of 65,773 were found to be infected.

Nine Keralites die in foreign countries alone With this, the number of Malayalees who die abroad rises to 210.

There are 121 hotspots in the state. Five new hotspots are in Palakkad and Kannur districts.

There were 3075 incidents of people not wearing a mask. 7 people have been sued for violating the quarantine. The Center has issued guidelines for the phase-out of the lockdown. States have been given the power to relax or tighten controls. The decision will be taken in consultation with the central government. The gathering cannot continue.

Most of the cultural movements are old-fashioned. The reverse quarantine will fail if the group is allowed to join. Older people are at higher risk for disease. Guruvayur is supposed to allow marriage with restrictions. The government has decided to allow 50 people to get married in the temple. There will be a full lockdown in the containment zone. It will continue till June 30.

You still need to pass to get out. Inter-city bus service may be limited. The service is expected to be in the adjoining districts. The ride will be in half seats. All safety precautions must be taken. In addition to the driver of the car, 3 people can travel. Only 2 people besides the driver in the auto.

Unlike most western countries, our defense plan focuses on the public health system. The emphasis was on testing and treatment in most cases where the disease was raging. Therefore, the spread of disease could not be prevented. It is through this type of action that Kerala has been able to prevent the spread of the disease. We are a decentralized healthcare system. The criterion is how many people spread the disease from one patient to another. The average number in the world is three. The first three cases in Kerala came from Wuhan. We were able to prevent any one of them from spreading. We have been able to keep this number up to 0.45. Very few countries in the world have achieved this.

On the other hand, if the basic reproductive number in Kerala is 1, the average mortality rate will exceed 250% by 1%. But we have seen that happened in Kerala. We have performed quarantine and tracing to prevent the spread of disease. So home quarantine and tracing should be taken more strongly. 30 cases of unknown origin are not community-wide. No matter how much you try, a person may not be able to remember all those who are related to him. This can be interrupted when preparing a route map. It cannot be regarded as a social enterprise. In these cases, it has been verified that there was no such place in Kerala where a bunch of cases did not know where to get it.

This is the only characteristic of Covid. Not so in other diseases. A case-by-case approach is considered to be socially contagious. Guidelines for the operation of government and private hospitals during the rainy season. Medical colleges are getting more patients. Steps were taken to restore the treatment to its original condition. The telemedicine project will address shortcomings and expand. Mobile clinics will be set up at the ground level with the private sector.

Covid mortality increased with the arrival of more people abroad. If there were 3 on May 4, it has now increased to 10. There is no need to be overly concerned about this. There are elderly and other sick people. They are considering traveling. It is true that they got sick. As the numbers decrease, the mortality rate decreases. The Center has issued a statute to bury the dead due to Kovid. This will be implemented by Kerala too. With a return ticket, the Home Quarantine will not be mandatory for those arriving on flights and trains. Because of returning a week later.

People are getting on chartered flights from the Gulf. There are some complaints. There should not be any increase in the fare fixed by the Government of India. Priority should be the top priority. Continuing to spread provocative fake messages with guest workers. Again, the government does not prevent guest workers from going home. All help will be given to them.

English Summary: Kerala Covid 19 Update: CM Pinarayi Vijayan Press Meet

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