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New Delhi: This is what Hasin Jahan imagined! Ex-wife Hasin Jahan has released hot pictures with the star following the confession of Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami that he had committed suicide on three occasions. Hasin Jahan released a naked pic with Shami via Instagram. There is also a brief sketch of the sarcastic phone. Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami, who got married in 2014, are leaving in 2018. Relations broke out in 2019 after a court-martial agreement.

But even after this, Hasin Jahan has come up with several serious allegations against Shami. She also filed a complaint with the police alleging domestic violence charges against Shami. It was after this that Hassin Jahan released a naked picture with the star. In the incident, Hasin Jahan is severely criticized. A section of fans who have commented on the film reacted harshly to Hasin Jahan.

Along with the hot picture is an approximate translation of the words in Hindi on Instagram: നിങ്ങൾ I was pure and nice to you when you were nothing. I am unclean now. The truth cannot be concealed by a covert of lies. Only crocodile tears are ever present. Models of the film – Hasin Jahan and Cricketer Mohammed Shami.

∙ Marriage and Divorce

Mohammed Shami was married to Hasin Jahan, who is 10 years older than him, on June 6, 2014. The two met for the first time during the 2012 IPL. This experience grew into a love affair and they got married. Meanwhile, Hasin Jahan was married to Shami before he was married. Sheikha Saifuddin was a businessman in Bengal. He has two daughters in that relationship. Then at the beginning of 2018, the problems between the two began to go away.


On March 7, 2018, Hasin released some pictures of himself on social media showing Shami had an extramarital affair. Subsequently, she lodged a police complaint alleging domestic violence against Shami and her family. The police have registered a case against the star. Shami’s wife filed a case against him on charges of domestic violence and dishonesty. Shami was reportedly missing.

During the compromise efforts, Shamin was accused of bribery. Shami was also accused of marrying a girl from Pakistan. Hasin Jahan has asked the court to pay him and her baby seven lakh rupees a month for Shami expenses. The court accepted the petition and ordered her daughter to pay Rs. In the meantime, Hassin Jahan was arrested by the police for causing disturbances at Shami’s home in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh.


Shami was shocked by the revelation made by Shami last day that she was thinking of committing suicide after going through a tough time in her personal life. In an Instagram chat with teammate Rohit Sharma, Shami confessed that she was contemplating seeking asylum in the wake of some life-threatening fallout in 2018. Shami had confessed that her friends kept her guard for 24 hours because she was afraid of doing something wrong. Among them were family problems with his wife Hasin Jahan.

My life was shaken at the time. Personally I was devastated. I seriously thought about committing suicide 3 times. The householders were afraid that I would jump from the top of the 24-story apartment where we lived. I was saved by the support of family and friends.

English Summary: Mohammad Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan Shares Revealing Photo of the Cricketer on Instagram

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