Halvadjian was having fun at the family hotel


Magi Halvadjian officially opened the summer season, but not on the Black Sea coast, as most people would assume, but in Apriltsi, located in the vast and beautiful valley at the foot of the peak of Stara Planina – Botev peak, not far from Troyan, writes dir.bg.

It was in the resort town, created by the merger of 4 large villages in 1976, named after the region’s heroic participation in the April Uprising of 1876, that the family ran the Mara Gidik family hotel, named after the mountain hill with a unique form also known as the Mermaid.

Recently, Maggie posted on her personal Instagram page a series of photos showing his vacation in nature and fresh air outside Sofia. He is accompanied by his younger brother Judy and their mother Julia, a former ballerina who has lived in Italy for years, at a party in the courtyard of the 3-star complex.

Of course, part of the entourage is the actor Dimitar Rachkov, who together with Vasil Vassilev-Zueka hosts the imitation show “Like two drops of water”, whose producer is Magardich.

His son Bedros, better known as Bebo, who recently celebrated his birthday, was not among those present and is probably still in the capital, enjoying the time with his wife Alex Eneva and their two children – Eddie (5 years old) and Kai, who was born late last year.

Still, after bouncing to the hotel, which offers visitors a panoramic view of the reserve with the highest average altitude – “North Jendem”, located in the Central Balkan National Park, Halvadjian headed to the sea. He shared with his followers on the social network selfies from the beach, where he posed with his wife Kremena. They both smiled at the lens against the sea waves.


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