Gemini to postpone business meetings, Scorpios – charming – Alena’s daily horoscope



Don’t date a lot of people because you are distracted and will not remember the conversations you have. In the workplace, you do an excellent job. You should not travel. Be prepared for difficulties caused by side factors that will confuse your plans for the day and push you in a new direction. Indulge in your routine. Single people will meet the right partner, but once again they will overdo their pretensions, which can immediately ruin the acquaintance. Do not expect harmonious sexual relations if you have cheated and been exposed.


Impose patience and restraint. Your excessive sensitivity and nervousness will only complicate your business relationship. You do everything with a lot of effort, so you better not be too active. If work responsibilities do not allow you to stay home in the evening, try to discard your most urgent family responsibilities. Do not enter into love relationships, so as not to suffer after the moment of truth comes and disappointment falls over your heads. Sexual pleasures with unfamiliar partners, caused by your desire to prove your uniqueness, will bring you serious problems.


Postpone business meetings and conversations at all costs. They will not be successful. Pay attention to yourself and remember that you have your needs. At work, concentrate on your tasks. Be responsible if you want to save yourself from quarrels with your bosses and colleagues and future problems and financial losses. Do not create problems in relationships with loved ones. Your intention to prove to them that you are the masters of your home will distance them. Sex will not give you pleasure, even if you dreamed all day about intimate moments.


Be responsible for your family responsibilities and do not irritate your loved ones with constant critical remarks, so as not to ruin your day. Your goal is to avoid ending household problems. There is a mess in your workplace. You have not done your job and you have to do it on this day. Avoid romantic dates, because jealousy, problems in personal relationships and quarrels are possible. Your incorrect attitude towards your loved ones and sex with your old love will irritate your loved ones and a scandal will break out.


The day presupposes calm conversations and achievement of goals in personal and professional terms. Beware of trade-related offers to avoid losses due to your tendency to be gullible. The tact and the ability to remain silent today benefit you not only at work, but also when meeting with business partners, if you have to conduct it at any cost. Married women can indulge their feelings and travel with their loved ones. Single people should be careful with dating. If you don’t know your new partners well, sex can disappoint you and make you feel betrayed.


Your sensitivity is too sharp. To relieve stress, indulge in your workplace tasks that are lucrative and enjoyable. You are doing well despite personal problems. Unexpected expenses are not excluded, but spend in moderation so as not to fall into a financial crisis. Prepare, dear ladies, that the new romantic passion will be disappointing. You better distance yourself now. Your sexual relationships with new partners are seemingly harmonious, but you feel hurt and offended by not complying with your desires.


Avoid meetings and new business and personal acquaintances on this day. You can be deceived and associate with people who are not suitable for you. Disappointments will not be late. You do great in the workplace. Don’t let them distract you from your path and your main goal for the day. Conflicts are possible in your personal life, followed by a sharp change in the relationship, and you do not aim for that, do you. Your sex life is not harmonious. Give up the intention to indulge in sexual pleasures.


Despite the difficulties at home that surprised you in the morning, you are charming and will attract everyone’s attention. To achieve your plans, listen to the advice of relatives and friends. Be careful in your promises. Avoid talking about your work and making long-term plans. Evaluate each step. Don’t be too trusting. Protect yourself from problems with your spouse. Do not react aggressively to his accusations that you have been away from home all day. In the evening, try to forget about the quarrels and indulge in pleasant sexual moments.


Every job you start is associated with difficulties. Don’t commit to trading promises, even if they are temporary, because you will incur losses. Do not engage in partnership and production. Business proposals will also bring you losses. Do not be in a hurry to be deceived by the promises of easy profit. Don’t argue in the morning just because you talked on the phone and your partner hasn’t heard who or what you’re talking about. In the evening, indulge in your feelings and pleasant sexual pleasures.


You lack the desire to work. Get busy with your routine duties to save yourself problems with colleagues. Despite your good self-esteem, you are in no mood. It is not desirable to sit behind the wheel. You will handle all your tasks in the workplace, even unplanned ones. The day promises you a change in your friendly and business relationships. Until noon, communication with relatives is not favorable. Do not contradict, do not speak loudly and avoid insulting remarks. Do not arrange romantic dates, because the consequences can be unexpected. Sex will not give you pleasure.


The attention of the opposite sex makes you happy, but it can distract you from your professional duties if you have to work. Unfortunately, dating will be associated with disappointment before the end of the day. Business meetings and conversations are frustrating because of broken promises made by the people you interact with. It may seem to you that a new crisis has occurred in the relations with your close people, but this is your opinion, which does not correspond to reality. Don’t worry about problems with your intimate partner, who will greet you with a romantic dinner and desire for sexual pleasures.


In the workplace, do your best if you want to receive well-deserved recognition and a good salary. You will reap success with whatever work you undertake, if it is not related to financing. Find nice company for lunch and discuss your future plans if you are with your colleagues. In the evening you enjoy good news from afar, from relatives and friends you haven’t seen in years. Relationships in your family are normalizing. Your sex life requires you to be in a good mood so that you don’t take your loved ones away again.

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