Full stands and a great atmosphere in Belgrade reminded me of a forgotten feeling


The real football atmosphere in Europe is back thanks to the great Serbian derby.

The almost full stands at the UNA stadium in Belgrade saw Partizan beat Red Star 1-0 in a semifinal match for the Cup of our western neighbor.

The only free seats in the stadium were the traditional buffer zones between the agitators of the two teams.

Traditionally, the agitators of the two big rivals created a great spectacle of noise and pyro effects, clearly contrasting with the silence we are used to after the restart of football on the continent.

Against the background of the matches in front of empty or half-empty stands in the stadiums in Europe, the view of “YUNA” was much more impressive and somehow forgotten.

Many world media spread photos from the match. The footage from Belgrade also toured social media, and football fans simply wrote: “Welcome, football”.

Otherwise, on the very field goal of the Israeli Bibras Natho in the 58th minute decided the clash and sent Partizan to the final, where Vojvodina (Novi Sad) awaits them.

The Undertaker deprived Zvezda of the chance to pursue a double, and will also fight for their fifth consecutive Cup of the country.

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