France pays homage to Indian soldiers French Defense Minister ready to visit India


France pays tribute to Chinese troops in Ladakh Rajnath Singh, officially paid his courtesy call on French Defense Minister Florence Parle. The Ministry of Defense said in the message that India will always remain a strong ally with India.

This heroic act is a devastating loss to the nation, the soldiers and their families. Along with the French army, he and his country stand alongside India and pay homage to the soldiers. France’s defense minister Parlay wrote a condolence message in hopes of conveying his country’s respect to Indian soldiers and their families.

With the French Defense Minister announcing the solidarity of India as the Rafale aircraft is to be delivered next month in the Indian defense contract, India is particularly important. Parle also expressed her willingness to come to India.

A message of condolence is coming from across the globe to the 20 soldiers who fought in Ladakh against China. All the countries are praising the fighting strength of the Indian soldiers in heavy clashes. In addition to the US, the UK has also denounced China’s unexpected moves as violating all international customs.

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