France and Austria imposed a “blockade” on entry from Italy


Italy today opened its borders to EU countries and Switzerland. “Today is a very important date,” Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo wrote on Facebook. He said Italy was “restarting and preparing to return to normal”.

But Italy was surprised by increased checks on entry from France, which will open its borders on June 15. Austria has announced that it will not allow those coming from Italy.

What is happening on the border of the Cote d’Azur

A long queue of cars and the howl of horns – border control when entering France from Italy, cause dissatisfaction at the Manton border checkpoint on the Cote d’Azur, AFP reported.

“The situation is a bit complicated, the Italian borders are fully open, but not the French.” police said.

In the early hours of the morning, more people tried to enter France from Italy than vice versa, but French border controls remained tight.

To enter France “The Italian worker still has to present a certificate from his employer. If he is a Romanian traveling to Spain, he has to present a certificate from the employer and a certificate of residence in Spain. For the French, things generally go faster.”said police.

In practice, however, the French were checked like the others. The control is systematic, a not at random as usual.

The French government has been supporting the opening of the EU’s internal borders since June 15, but has not yet issued a formal decision and border controls will continue until the French borders are opened, AFP notes.

Will the Italians enter Austria: No!

Austria lifts all coronavirus-related restrictive measures at its borders as of tomorrow, June 4, including quarantine for newcomers from all neighboring countries except Italy, said today Foreign Minister Alexander Schalenberg, quoted by Reuters.

“We will abolish all coronavirus-related border and health checks on seven border countries – Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. This returns us to the pre-coronavirus situation with regard to these countries.”he told a news conference.

Switzerland allows travelers from Italy, as well as Slovenia, which has already announced that it is opening its borders to all EU countries.

Czech Republic and Slovakia they will fully restore free movement between them from midnight, their prime ministers said, quoted by Reuters. The announcement was made during a visit to Prague by Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic for a meeting with his Czech counterpart, Andrej Babis, the state-run CTK news agency reported.

Great Britain on the other hand, he announced that from June 8 he would impose quarantine for those arriving from abroad. Authorities believe it will be crucial in preventing a second wave of coronavirus infection in the country.

“From Monday, people arriving in the UK will have to be isolated for 14 days,” Interior Minister Priti Patel and Transport Minister Grant Schaps wrote in the London Telegraph late last night.

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