For the first time … an Arab woman filed a lawsuit to harm her cat psychologically


A woman from the Jordanian governorate of Irbid filed a lawsuit instead of moral and material damages for the harm that had befallen her two cats.

According to the news agency The Jordanian “Saraya”, the prosecutor left her two cats in a place designated for animal care, and traveled to a neighboring country, but after returning from travel, she was surprised by the deteriorating situation of her cats, as they were refusing food, and immediately examined them health and psychological, and obtained a medical report accordingly.

The plaintiff’s lawyer said, “The lawsuit is pending before the Irbid Magistrate Court, in earnest and according to the established procedures of trials, as any affected person.”

He explained that he agreed to plead the case, which is the first of its kind in Jordan, stressing that such cases were never accepted by lawyers or even judicial bodies.

The news received reactions among the users, as one of the commentators wrote on the news: “Watch the people who do not find bread, and do not have milk for her children before I see a solution to the problem of clothing that you have.”

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