Football and athletics are with the protests in the United States, the IOC is not


The big ones sports organizations be separated in positions you are concerning what is happening be in USA after death on George Floyd. The incident provoke serious protests from American cities and lead to real explosion from messages in social networks.

Yes FIFA and The world athletics started positions in support on the struggle s racism. The president on football power plant Gianni Infantino promised Yes no punishes footballers from The Bundesliga,, who you are allowed demonstrations on the topic in the first circle after renewal.

They in fact must Yes be welcomed“, announcements the Swiss.

The world athletics again announcements,, thatstands behind all people,, who want changeand him illustrations s the memory frame on sprinters Tommy Smith and John Carlos from the Olympics in Mexico through 1968-a,, when both athletes stand on the honorary ladder s raised fists in sign on protest against violence over blacks in USA.

IOC however be distinguish from similar position. “The Committee completely understand athletes,, who occupy such position in social networks“, announcements the organization in officially statement.

IOC recalls too so,, that no allows propaganda from politically,, religious or races character. Upcoming The American Olympic committee Yes organizes meeting with athletes,, on which Yes them explain on what way can Yes express positions you are on time on participation on Olympic events.

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