Ex-wife reveals naked photos of herself with cricketer


When you were nothing, I was pure and nice to you.

Cricketer Hasin Jahan releases cricketer Mohammed Shami Ex-wife Hasin Jahan releases nude photos with star Hasin Jahan released a nude pic with Shami via Instagram.

Whenever you were nothing, I was pure and good to you. I am unclean now. Truth cannot be concealed by a hiding place.

It has been noted that only crocodile tears will always remain. But even after this, Hasin Jahan has come up with several serious allegations against Shami.

He also filed a complaint with the police alleging domestic violence charges against Shami. It was after this that Hassin Jahan released a naked picture with the star. In the incident, Hasin Jahan is severely criticized.

A section of fans who have commented on the film reacted harshly to Hasin Jahan. Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami, who got married in 2014, are leaving in 2018. In late 2019, negotiations for a settlement outside the courthouse finally broke off.

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