ee luk enne thanne athishayippichu | This look really surprised me! Is it me? River Moytu in Kettle Makeover; Acquired SocialMedia


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Nadia Motivu was once the favorite heroine of Malayalees. She has been active on social media lately.

The actress is now sharing a picture from a photo shoot two years ago. Nadia Moithu shared the picture with VS Anantha Krishnan on Facebook in a photo shoot for in 2018.

The photo has become a social media phenomenon. Also, Samantha Jagan did makeup for the photo shoot. Amrita Ram was the stylist. Nadia Moidu shared the photo with the hashtag #ThrowBackThursday.

In a Facebook post, Rivera said that this 2018 look was a surprise to herself. Nadee Moitu shares her old pictures on social media despite the lockdown.

The star’s first Instagram post was also impressive. The star’s first Instagram post was about the movie ‘Nokketha Durathil Kannum Nattu’.

According to the River Post, the girl who prays in the mosque and the nearby director Fazil owes a great deal to the director who made such a grand debut.

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