Does alcohol help with coronavirus infection?


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During the COWID-19 pandemic, the people were divided into two groups. According to one group, alcohol can help fight the virus, while others are of the opposite opinion – they believe that alcohol is bad.

Russian specialists finally asked who was right, quoted from

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According to experts of the Consumer Protection Service, the use of all kinds of alcoholic beverages will not be used as a prevention against coronavirus. In addition, the use of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) can lead to serious health problems and even cause death.
                            Cpetsialictite obrashtat vnimanie and na fakta, flashover pieneto na alkohol ce otrazyava negativno na pcihichnoto zdrave, they act negativno na imunnata cictema and provokira razvitieto na ogromen cpektar from the infektsiozni and other zabolyavaniya.
In addition, it is known that excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome, ARD.
In support of this, according to WHO statistics, alcohol causes the death of three million people every year. Experts from the organization also note that the counterfeit drinks may contain toxic substances. Some of them can be fatal even in small quantities, while others lead to blindness, kidney disease and other serious diseases.

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