Diego Maradona Lookalike: Look out, Unni! It’s not Maradona – video of diego maradona lookalike with serious football skills going viral


Diego Maradona, This Argentine is a legend who needs no introduction in the world of football. Maradona’s performance at the 1986 World Cup in Argentina was the highlight of the football world. But Maradona’s second stint as a coach after retiring from active football was not so bright. Maradona’s portrayal of the drug and subsequent obesity changed her image. However, Maradona, a footballer, is still a footballer.

Meanwhile, a video titled Maradona’s has been making its name on social media. The 22-second video, shared by Twitter pages such as the Troll Football Bundesliga, shows a man overweight kicking the tennis ball with his foot. Undoubtedly, it was Diego Maradona who fired the most at first glance. After Maradona’s time in football, was he so wooden? Although the individual’s football expertise is praised in the video, is it really Maradona? Questions were raised on social media. Let’s go run! But wash your hands first, okay?

Is it really Diego Maradona?Not at all. The person seen in the video that resembles Diego Maradona is actually an actor, Rolly Serrano. This video is part of the 2015 film ‘Youth’. At the same time, his appearance with Maradona is no accident. Rolly Serrano plays Diego Maradona in this movie. The video, which was uploaded four years ago on Guerrilla Gardner’s YouTube channel, has now become a regular on social media as Maradona’s state of affairs.

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But where is Diego Maradona?

Maradona is currently the coach of the Argentinean club, Club Gymnasia de la Plata, in Argentina. He recently extended his contract with the club. He will remain in charge until the end of the 2020-21 season. Maradona’s goal is to turn the club that is threatening to quit the Argentine First Division League, into a top club in the league.

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