Detecting Raja Al-Jeddawi’s health condition after her injection with “blood plasma”


On Sunday, Egyptian media revealed the developments of the health of the artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, after they stayed for 15 days in the intensive care room and injected them with “blood plasma”.

A medical source at Abu Khalifa Hospital for Sanitary Insulation in Ismailia Governorate confirmed that the artist Raja El-Jeddawi started obtaining plasma recovering from the emerging corona virus, on Saturday, according to the protocol of the Scientific Committee of the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

The source pointed out that “Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s condition stabilized after receiving two doses, as her temperature was fixed at” 37 “, and the percentage of oxygen in the blood at a rate of 97, and that the pressure and pulse were stable,” according to the website of “The Seventh Day.”

Amira Mokhtar, the daughter of the Egyptian artist, confirmed earlier: “Her mother’s condition is stable and she has not seen any developments during the past days.” She added, “Her mother is still in the intensive care room of the Isolation Hospital.”

The great Egyptian artist Rajaa El-Gedawy was infected with the new corona virus, and she was transferred to the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia Governorate on May 24.

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