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Hurricane Nikaraja hit the Maharashtra coast. Heavy rains and heavy rains started in Mumbai. Winds of up to 110 km / h are likely to be strong. Seaweed can also be acute. Rainfall in Kerala is widespread. Extreme vigilance has been issued on the coasts of Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Rainfall in Kerala is widespread. The meteorological department said fishermen should not go to sea. Mumbai is about to face the first hurricane of the century. Tens of thousands have been displaced from the coasts of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The Bombay Cyclone of 1882, which claimed the lives of nearly 100,000 people, had previously seized the financial capital of India. No other cyclone has hit the Mumbai coast in recent years. Hurricane Nisarga, landing at Alibag in Raigad district near Mumbai, is threatening all coastal areas of Maharashtra. It is estimated that it will reach the coast of Gujarat via Palghar as fast as 120 km / hr in the north-east direction. Currently, hospitals and health workers in the city of Mumbai are concentrating on covid treatment alone.

However, the Maharashtra government says it has taken steps that are of urgent importance. Factories and power plants along the windward route have been ordered to cease operations. Heavy rainfall is expected in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Raigarh, Palghar and Konkan districts. Several flights from Mumbai airport have been canceled. Rail transport through Konkan is restricted. In Maharashtra, Gujarat has deployed 31 units of the Disaster Response Force.

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