CWC demands govt bailout COVID Test


Manama: Bahrain’s KMCC has called for the state government to withdraw its decision to submit a report on Kovid inspections within 48 hours. At present, charity organizations operate chartered flights to the country in compliance with the Vandebharat mission. The passengers are selected based on the government’s priority list. However, state president Habib Rahman said that only those traveling on a chartered flight should submit their Kovid inspection report within 48 hours. Secretary Asinar Kalathinkal said.

The government says that those who return home after 20 should submit a Kovid inspection report. But the chief minister should understand that this is not practical in any Gulf region. As the Kovid spreads, no government is willing to do just that. In addition, private companies charge huge amounts for these tests. Many people are planning to go home without even living their lives and have no income. Many return home via charity flight charities of charity organizations, hoping to get home somehow with free tickets and other assistance. It was during this time that the state government again came up with an anti-immigrant decision. “Every day, the government takes fraudulent action against expatriates,” the leaders said. The leaders also demanded that the government withdraw its decision to treat expatriates as second-class citizens.

Content Highlights: COVID Test, govt should withdraw decision: KMCC

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