CSKA will hold its summer training in Teteven


The sports and technical management of CSKA is already working on the preparation for the new season, which will be in a rather shortened version.

The Reds will almost certainly be at a short camp in Teteven in mid-July.

The unknown face of CSKA coach Milos Kruscic

Few people in our country know that the specialist is a passionate tennis fan

The players will have a three-day break after the end of the current campaign.

However, this is conditional, because if the team has to play a barrage for the Europa League, the plans will change. The Bulgarian Football Union announced that the playoffs for the Champions League and entry into the First League will be on July 14, 15 and 16.

For the period of the camp CSKA will certainly play at least one control, Tema Sport writes.

The “Army” continues with their preparations for the restart of the championship. On Saturday they will visit Vitosha (Bistritsa) from 21:00. The referee of the match will be Radoslav Gidzhenov. Due to the late start time, Milos Krusic’s team is training at its base in Pancharevo from 19:00. The Serbian coach has only one dilemma around the starting lineup, which is related to the left flank of the attack.

Evandro from CSKA is still waiting for his Bulgarian passport

Evandro from CSKA is still waiting for his Bulgarian passport

The state of emergency delayed the procedure

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