CSKA beat Botev (Plovdiv) 2-0 and is a finalist for the Cup of Bulgaria


CSKA qualifies for the final of the Cup of Bulgaria! The Reds broke the resistance of Botev (Plovdiv) with 2: 0 of the “Army” and after 0: 0 in the first match they will argue for the trophy. Ivan Bandalovski scored an own goal in the 19th minute, and in the 54th Ali Sou formed the final result.

The rival of Sofia in the final will be Lokomotiv (Plovdiv). This will be the first clash between the two teams in a trophy dispute.


CSKA – Botev 2: 0, goal by Sow

The collision promises a spectacle

Milos Kruscic’s alumni played a strong match and fully deserved their success. With the exception of the opening minutes of the second half, CSKA was clearly the better team on the field. The “Canaries” may regret, as they had two excellent opportunities to equalize, but Tonev missed and Nedelev hit the crossbar.

The meeting started with an expected territorial advantage for the “reds”. In the 3rd minute Baltanov cleared a dangerous cross in the penalty area of ​​Maziku. A little later, Tiago’s free-kick hit a player on the wall.

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In the 11th minute Antov and Vutov collided, after which the striker of the “Canaries” had a bleeding head.

CSKA took the lead in the 19th minute. The hosts organized a speed attack on the right. Kerry brought out Turitsov, who centered sharply to Sow. The Gambian did not hit the ball, but the ball met Bandalovski’s legs and became inescapable for Yanko Georgiev – 1: 0.

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In the 29th minute Evandro shot powerfully from 22 meters, but Georgiev managed to take a corner. After his performance, Sow hit his head, which went past the door.

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CSKA was close to a second goal in the 42nd minute. Maziku then punched from the left and centered sharply. Georgiev managed to kill the ball. The orb reached Kerry, who immediately fired. Bandalovski threw himself and blocked the Irishman’s shot.

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In the 45th minute Kerry fired a cannon shot from the edge of the penalty area, which fell into the hands of Georgiev.

At the beginning of the second half Botev looked more boldly at Busato’s door. In the 47th minute Vutov brought Filipov to the right. The defender found Tonev, who was left alone at the penalty spot. However, the attacker failed to hit the door, shooting out.

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In the 52nd minute Thiago fouled Nedelev in front of the penalty area. The midfielder took a direct free kick, but sent the ball into the top post.

The Reds responded with a second goal two minutes later. Thiago and Sow did a double. The Portuguese looked for his teammate again in the penalty area, Filipov failed to kill the ball and it was easier for the Gambian to score for 2: 0.

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In the 58th minute Malinov took the ball from Baltanov and struck from the edge of the penalty area, which Georgiev saved. A little later, the visitors’ goalkeeper deflected another shot by Kerry.

Until the end of the match, CSKA did not allow Botev to hinder Busato in any way and calmly waited for the end of the match.

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Thus, the “reds” took revenge on Plovdiv for last year’s semifinal and will argue with Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) in the final next Wednesday.

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