covid free countries: not only New Zealand; Eight countries defeating Kovid – new zealand and these eight countries are now covid 19


Kovid-19 proliferation in many countries, including India, is on the rise. The coronavirus found in China’s Wuhan town reached the end of December. After Europe and America, Latin America is the epicenter of the virus. The disease is spreading rapidly in Asian and Gulf countries like India and Pakistan. In the meantime, there are some countries that are green in comfort. This country which is completely free from Kovid is a model and hope to the whole world.

Comfort figures

More than 7 million people worldwide are afflicted with the disease. More than four lakh lives were lost. It is comforting to see that over 36 lakh people have got rid of Kovid. The number of new patients and deaths has dropped significantly in all European countries, including Italy and Spain, where the disease has been rampant after China. The death toll is also declining in the US. The prevalence is currently highest in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru. Meanwhile, countries including New Zealand have declared Kovid free. These countries have conquered Kovid with all the diagnosed Kovid negative.

New Zealand

New Zealand Kovid announced on June 8 that the last patient had been discharged. As the country overthrew Kovid, it withdrew its seven-week-long restrictions. In New Zealand, with 50 million people, 1504 people were infected. 22 people died. The rest were all sick. The country has been under strict lockdown since the outbreak of the disease. Starting March 25, all but essential services were shut down. The people were given strict orders to stay home. Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has said that all the restrictions have been lifted since June 9 when the country was free of Kovid. New Zealand’s Kovid defense and Jacinda Arden’s leadership have received worldwide acclaim.


Another country with a victory over Kovid is the East African country of Tanzania. Tanzania’s President John Magfuly announced on Sunday that the country was free of Kovid. During the church’s prayer, the president said the coronation was done away with the power of prayer. The announcement came after Kovid’s figures remained unchanged for six weeks. According to official figures, 509 people in the country were affected by Kovid. But there are reports that the number of patients is on the rise and thousands are getting sick.

The Vatican

The Vatican announced on June 6 that the country was free of Kovid. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said the 12 people who were diagnosed with the disease were recovering. Vatican Kovid was freed when a person diagnosed with the disease a few weeks ago became negative. No one in the Vatican has died of Kovid. The next day after the Vatican declared Kovid free, Pope Francis went to St. Peters Square and spoke to the people.


Fiji, the island nation of the South Pacific, declared itself free of Kovid in the first week of June. There were 18 people infected with the coronavirus. On June 5, Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama announced that the last patient was Kovid negative. The Prime Minister said on Twitter that the number of inspections had increased in the country but had not reported any positive cases in the last 45 days. There has been no reported death of Kovid in the country. The Prime Minister said that the country was saved from Kovid based on a scientific foundation. The lockdown was announced in April in Fiji, which has nine million people. Restrictions have been withdrawn but borders will remain closed.

Montenegro first in Europe

Covid-19 proliferation is the second largest after China. Italy, Spain, Britain and France all feared. Months later, the number of new cases and deaths in all countries began to decline. However, Montenegro is the first country in the European Union that is free of Kovid. On May 24, the last patient was recovered in Montenegro. The country was declared Kovid free on the 69th day after the first case was reported. In Montenegro, where 324 people were diagnosed, nine deaths were reported.

Small nations conquering the plague

While large countries like China, the United States and Russia tremble at Kovid, smaller countries succeed in systematic action. The East African island nation of Seychelles is set to free itself on May 18. The Ministry of Health said 11 people who were diagnosed with the disease were negative. No one in the country has died of Kovid. The West Indian country of Saint Kitts and Nevis, on May 19, broke free from Kovid. Fifteen people from abroad had contracted the disease. The southeast Asian country, Timor Leste, on May 15; There has been no reported death of Kovid in both countries.

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