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The pandemic has “erased” years of economic growth in Southeast Asia, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Fuq said at a meeting of leaders in the region, quoted by AFP. The ASEAN summit focuses on the coronavirus crisis, without setting aside tensions in the South China Sea and the comprehensive free trade agreement.”Our countries have coped well with the health situation (…) and the death toll has not been high,” said the Vietnamese prime minister, whose country, which has not registered a single COVID-19 victim, is chairing an ASEAN meeting this year. But from an economic point of view, the pandemic has “erased the results of previous years,” he said during a video conference call. “In the second half of the year, we will help our economies overcome the difficulties,” he added.
At the previous summit in April, which was also held by video link, ASEAN leaders did not agree on the release of emergency funds.

The Vietnamese prime minister, without explicitly naming him, reproached Beijing for continuing to make territorial claims to much of the South China Sea, taking advantage of the pandemic. China has been accused of militarizing the area by deploying warships and outposts on the islands, the agency said.

During the pandemic, “there were irresponsible actions in violation of international law,” said Nguyen Xuan Phuq, apparently referring to China, which is suspected of sinking a Vietnamese trawler in the area in April.
Vietnam will use the ASEAN presidency to launch a code of conduct that the bloc has been working on for several years, but the project was abandoned due to the pandemic, and Hanoi now hopes to intensify discussions on it.

The summit will also provide an opportunity for countries to try to relaunch the Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership project – a multilateral free trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region promoted by Beijing. Work on the project has stalled since India withdrew from it in late 2019.

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