Corona; Disease among police in Maharashtra is on the rise; 33 police officers lost their lives


Mumbai: Coronavirus outbreak among Maharashtra police So far, 2,500 police, including top officers, have been confirmed in the state. Corona has confirmed 2,562 police officers so far, according to official sources. 33 police officers have lost their lives following the coronation.

Most of the officers who died due to coronavirus are currently in Mumbai police. Eighteen Mumbai cops have died following the coronation. A total of 169 officers were sick with the disease. At present 1,497 personnel are under treatment. The corona is expected to be confirmed by more officials in the state in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases in the state is on the rise. So far, 82,968 people have been diagnosed with the disease. 37,390 people were infected. There are currently 42,609 people undergoing treatment. As the number of patients in the state increases, so too does the death toll. Maharashtra reported 2,969 deaths so far this year

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