Confusion in NOVA: Halvadjian played Gala PHOTO


Producer Magardich Halvadjian, who distributes it righteously and responsibly, turns out that he does not find a desire to be a fair neighbor. For several years now, he has been refusing to pay the necessary fees for common needs and parts of the bar complex where he lives, HotNews writes. However, the amount has already seriously swelled and will soon exceed BGN 10,000, outraged neighbors say. Because of their debts, Gala was recently barred from her friends’ home. The TV presenter went to visit the stylish and long-haired girl, but the security guards of the complex refused to let her.

The access of outsiders to the Halvadjian family was deliberately forbidden in order to make them fix their borchos. The embarrassing situation turned into a real circus, say those present at the quarrels. However, Maggie and his wife Kremena stubbornly refuse to repay their debts. Because of this, they have become particularly unloved in the gated complex “Mountain Village”, located near Lake Pancharevo. Next to their house, live other native celebrities. Among them are businesswoman Maya Ilieva and presenter Dimitar Rachkov. Maggie’s Sofia home is huge. There are two spacious living rooms, five rooms with three bathrooms and next to each toilet there is a Jacuzzi and a TV.

The whole property spreads over 600 square meters and is furnished in Russian style. There you can enjoy a paradise garden with a gazebo and a swimming pool. And for fishing enthusiasts there is a private lake. Maggie Halvajian, who is considered one of the wealthiest producers, can also boast of a property in the Maldives, but still he obviously likes money for fees, commented in the media.

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